Nature Photography


Capturing the beauty of God's creations.  I specialize in flowers, abstract images and other things that catch my eye while hiking through nature.     

Engagement Photography


You can have a lot of fun with engagement photos by choosing unique environments and asking your subjects to be themselves and have some fun!

action photography 

Speed is something that is difficult to capture, but once you learn how, you love it!  I've done a lot of racing photography and have no problem getting low to the ground for the perfect shot.

Kimberly Dawn

​Every photographic image shown on this site it copyrighted.  It is illegal to copy and paste or use any of these photos without the express permission of the photographer.

Children's photography 

They move, act silly, have random moments of photographic shine and that's the best part - taking pictures of children in their element is fun and you can capture everything from innocence to mischief!  No age is off-limits; newborns to 18.

Please note that all photographs containing children are not for sale; they are just samples of photographic options.